“Josh and his crew are a courteous and caring group who do their jobs well.” -Josh Deng

Our focus is our team because our team is our reputation. Meet the people that make our team great!

Joshua Swift

Owner, Certified Arborist

Years in Tree Care: 10+
Trademarks: All Things Technical- Coordination, Climbing, Rigging

Favorite Job:  “My favorite job was removing a 30” Diameter Cherry tree that was growing through the porch and roof of a home at Claytor lake. The driveway was too steep to bring in a crane, so we engineered a rope system to lift pieces of the tree and move them horizontally 30 feet and then down to the third level of the porch.  The entire tree removal was done over the porch and house and we didn’t drop a single thing onto the property, everything was lowered with the ropes to a landing zone the size of a king mattress.  After I cut all of the tree that was above the porch, I went down into the basement to cut another 10’ of log which I am sure is still down there today.  We got to play at the lake for a few days; it was Extreme!”

Adam Hawthorne

Foreman, Climber

Years in Tree Care: 5
Trademarks: Technical Rigging, Complex Climbing Systems

Favorite Job:  “I climbed [to remove] an Elm that was growing in a cramped yard. It was growing over a fence, power line, and guest house. Everything had to come down on at least one rope, and often more. It was nice!”