Stabilizing trees is often an alternative to removal. Below is a brief description of each type of system we install to reinforce tree structure. For help determining which system best suits your needs, call us at 540-597-7744 or fill out our contact form.


Bracing– installed in weak/split unions

  • Threaded rod w/ nuts and washers
  • Tree grows over nuts and washers
  • Splits are rejoined prior to installation*

Steel Cables

Static cables– installed in canopies with compromised/weak unions

  • Rigid, fixed length cable
  • Includes union braces (as detailed above)
  • Splits are rejoined prior to installation*

*(Using a rope winch at the base and pulleys in the canopy, we draw the stems together to seal open splits)

Synthetic Cables

Dynamic Cables– for healthy unions prone to future stress

  • Flexible, self-adjusting hollow-braid cable
  • Preventative- allows tree to grow stronger unions
  • Low impact- no drilling or hardware in tree