Whether you have young saplings that require training or grand shade trees to be cleaned, we give each tree in your yard the attention it needs to be healthy, functional, and beautiful. Each of our arborists is trained in many types of pruning, including:

  • Structural

    Eliminating weak and conflicting stems to establish a strong healthy form (best done in winter season)

  • Shaping

    Subordinating parts of the crown to uniform the canopy and trunk taper

  • Proper Reductions

    Shortening the canopy vertically or horizontally using techniques that preserve tree health

  • Thinning/cleaning

    Reducing the foliage thickness to allow for wind and light, and removing dead, dying, and decayed branches

  • Hazard/clearance

    Raising the canopy for view or traffic and removing hazardous branches from over your home, vehicle, patio, etc.

Structural Pruning Video