December 2, 2016

tree removal by professionals is safest
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Recent Tree Removal & Trimming Projects

GRCS system

Storm Damage! Removing a large oak tree from a roof in Salem, VA.

Tree Removal Expert, Joshua Swift, shows how they remove storm damaged trees using engineered rope systems.  Using modified sailboat winches thought up by Greg Good, we are able to lift branches off of your house.  With two winches opposing each other we can lift and move the load much safer than previous methods.  We can set up this more »

Donia 500

Joshua Swift Explains This Tree Removal Of A Large Ash Damaged By Recent Storms in Pulaski, VA

In this first video Certified Arborist Joshua Swift explains how he will remove this large ash tree damaged by recent storms that swept through Virginia. In the second and third videos you can watch Joshua and his team cut and safely lower the sections of damaged tree using ropes and hand-cranked winches. Tree Removal Begins

Technical Rigging

Tree Removal From A Home & Deck Built Around The Tree in Radford, VA

This is one of the most fun tree removal projects I have done! Not many Tree Service Companies can remove a tree that is growing through the roof of a house. The driveway was to steep to bring in a crane, so we built a rope system to remove the tree in sections. There is more »

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